This is a video game about the 1st movie and is for DS, XBox 360, and ZX Specrtum.


  1. Tutorial - A test level to explain how to play the game.
  2. Outside - This level takes place right outside the Spalatiss' house. (No Boss Of Level)
  3. City Hall - This level takes place in the city hall were the Pucks are running amok.
  4. The 1st Church - This level takes place in the church were the Pucks are going crazy.
  5. The Park - This level takes place at the park were Pucks are hiding.
  6. Swiftler Street - This level takes place on a little street were Pucks attack. (No Boss Of Level)
  7. The Movie Theatre - The final level, in this level you are in the movie theatre were even more dangerous Pucks attack.


  • Waffles, the boss of Level 3 on DS, and XBox.He attacks with red mallets and throws cardboard boxes.
  • Finn, appears as an enemy in Levels 2, 3, and 6 of DS, and XBox. He attacks by throwing empty bottles.
  • Atlantis, the boss of Level 4. Attacks with an Uzi Gun, and throws empty mugs.
  • Imps, they appear as enemies in Levels 7, 6, and 4 on XBox and DS. They attack by biting.
  • Generic Pucks, enemies in every level on the XBox and DS.
  • Chapstik, the boss of level 5 on DS and XBox. Attacks byusing powerful punches and somehow (not able to do this in the movie) breathe fire.
  • Spiders, enemies in the Tutorial, Level 7, and Level 4 on DS and XBox.
  • Bats, enemies in the Tutorial, Level 5, and Level 4 on DS and XBox.
  • Flesh-Wound, boss of Level 7, attacks with powerful punches, throwing trashcans, and powerful kicks.