"Uh-Oh!" - Tom, when seeing Waffles as a Puck

"Is that.... Waffles?" - Daniel Spalatiss, shocked by seeing Waffles as a Puck

The PucksEdit

Once Daniel and Tom Spalatiss find Chapstik in the woods, Chapstik attracts 4 other Imps, wich are Waffles, Atlantis, Finn, and Flesh-Wound. Later that nite, Flesh-Wound, Finn, Atlantis, Waffles, and Chapstik open the fridge, and grab a carton of milk. Atlantis takes a sip, then splashes some on Chapstik's face and laughs. Then Waffles snatches the milk from Atlantis, and slurps half of it out, then tosses the milk to Finn, who chugs most of it out, then Flesh-Wound punches Finn, and steals the milk so he can finish the carton of milk. Then when Tom and Daniel wake up, they find the 5 former Imps, wich are now Pucks. Flesh-Wound leads the 4 other Pucks to the door. (NOTE: Waffles was the first Puck Daniel & Tom saw) Then Tom and Daniel grab there hunting guns, pocket knives, and also bring some extra bullets so they can stop the Pucks. Then later on, the 5 Pucks attract even more Pucks!


After all the other Pucks are killed by Tom and Daniel, the original 5 (including Waffles) are found and shot. But, as a twist, the last scene shows the first 5 Pucks' dead bodies, but Waffles eyes open, glowing green.

The Pucks 2: Back In ActionEdit

After the events of The Pucks, Daniel lives peacefully with his new wife, and his son, Tony Spalatiss. But, Tony looks out the window, and spots Waffles, walking around. Tony says "Dad, whats that?" Daniel looks out the window and doesn't see anything but X-mas Carolers running around. "Energetic Young Children" replies Daniel. The next day, Tom babysits Tony. Daniel & his wife, Tiffany go X-mas shopping. Daniel spots an Imp on the shelf, and mistakes it for a plush Beaver, then the Imp jumps out on Tiffany's head, then Noogie and Waffles come and kidnap her. Later on in the film, Waffles is briefly seen eating a Barbie Doll.